Alginate in Heartburn

Special Active Ingredient

The main active agent of Gaviscon- alginate, is herbal. It is obtained from the brown algae "Laminaria Hyperborea".

The alginate reacts immediately after indigestion with the gastric acid and settles in like an air bed on the liquid contents of the stomach. This solid gel-like protective barrier prevents, in a lid-like manner, the acid contents of the stomach from soaring into the oesophagus. The ingredient is not absorbed by the body, but excreted naturally after a certain time through the intestines. Therefore, making Gaviscon highly compatible.

Special Active Mechanism

There are various approaches to counter heartburn and acid regurgitation.

Many medications reduce stomach acid. Here, antacids are used that act locally in the stomach or so-called proton pump inhibitors (PPI), which help to reduce the stomach acid by induction to the bloodstream. However, opening of the sphinchter muscle cannot be prevented and acid stomach content keeps ascending into the oesophagus.

In contrast, the active mechanism of Alginate in Gaviscon is the formation of a protective barrier. This protective barrier on top of the contents of the stomach prevents the acid content of the stomach from being passed into the oesophagus.