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Whilst enjoying a nice meal or a few drinks at the weekend isn’t a problem, going overboard and eating and drinking too much can leave you with heartburn or indigestion. When you eat too much, your stomach has to produce more stomach acid to deal with it and if this excess acid is able to escape back up to oesophagus then you can suffer from heartburn. Indigestion, on the other hand, is felt in the stomach.

Take these tips to enjoy your weekend without overindulging.

Don’t Go Out Hungry

Whether you are going to your friends for a BBQ or your parents for Sunday lunch, if you want to limit overeating, never go out hungry. Eat something light, like a boiled egg for example, before you go so that hunger won’t take over when you finally sit down to eat, and you should be less likely to overindulge.

Portion Control

This one can be hard when there are so many tasty treats on offer, but try to stick to a single portion and add vegetables to your plate to bulk up a meal. Serve your food on a smaller plate to make it seem like there is a larger portion of food.

Don’t Eat Mindlessly

When eating, it is important to limit distractions so you can fully concentrate on what and how much you are putting in your mouth. If you are at a party or buffet style event, you could try eating with the opposite hand you are used to, that way you will be more aware each time you go to grab some more food.

When you’re back at home and it comes to snacking, it’s important to take one portion for yourself and put the rest away. If you sit down in front of the TV with a family sized bag of crisps, mindless eating can take over and you may just keep eating until they are all finished.

Stay Hydrated

You may be busy socialising but remember to drink lots of water. Firstly, if you are drinking alcohol over the weekend, this can leave you dehydrated so it is important to rehydrate your body and flush out any toxins.

Another great tip is to drink a glass of water half an hour before a meal to help fill your stomach meaning, again, you will be less hungry when the food arrives.


Adding ice to your cold drinks is a good way to make it look like you are drinking more than you actually are. This can mean you may drink less.

Also, did you know that the shape of the glass can influence how much or how little you think you’ve had to drink? A US analysis of pouring habits published in the British Medical Journal in 2005 revealed that participants poured more into squat tumblers thinking that tall glasses hold more.

Try to put these tips into practice over this weekend and you should be feeling fresh and ready to take on the week when Monday comes back around!

Article published 1 January 2021