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About Gaviscon

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Welcome to the worldwide best-selling over-the-counter brand in heartburn and indigestion relief. Our well-established products help provide fast and long-lasting relief (up to 4 hours). 

Our Story

More than 45 years of excellence

In 1964, Swedish radiologist Dr Stig Sandmark discovered the benefits of viscosity as a reflux suppressant Gastric Viscosity Control. In 1997, Gaviscon Advance followed, before Double Action made its debut in 2006. Today, Gaviscon is the number one brand for heartburn and indigestion worldwide.

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The Science

How does Gaviscon work?

Our main ingredient, sodium alginate, is derived from natural seaweed which is sustainably harvested. It creates a protective barrier or raft over the irritating stomach content (which is mostly acid, but also pepsin and bile). The antacid component in the Double Action formula - calcium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate - also works to counteract acidity. Gaviscon lasts 2x longer than regular antacids* - up to 4 hours.

Guardium belongs to the family of “proton pump inhibitors”. Proton pump inhibitors, also known as PPIs or gastric pump inhibitors, work by reducing the amount of acid in your stomach to help relieve symptoms. Guardium contains esomeprazole, a PPI that can provide up to 24 hours of relief from just one pill. It can be taken once a day for up to two weeks.

Pair it with one of our other products, such as Gaviscon Advance or Gaviscon Double Action for fast, effective relief while Guardium takes effect.

Creates a raft
A protective “raft” helps stop irritating stomach acid from rising upwards.
Neutralises acidity
Antacids counteract acidity for dual relief.
Helps block acid pumps in your stomach
Guardium helps stop acid pumps in your stomach from firing.
Long-lasting relief
Up to 4 hours.

Sodium alginate

Sodium alginate is extracted from the cell walls of seaweed. It helps the stomach block rising acid, the root cause of the discomfort heartburn and indigestion sufferers know so well.